Film: Voices of the Lumbee

Voices of the Lumbee is a feature-length documentary film that tells the story of modern-day Robeson County, North Carolina, and the Lumbee Tribe’s place within it. Utilizing students in English, public relations, journalism, and broadcasting programs at UNCP, the production became a cross-disciplinary exercise spanning nearly three years. Embracing the philosophy of service-learning, students partnered […]

Working-Class Representations: Literature and Media

Rebecca Harding Davis, Tillie Olsen, and the Repression of Working-Class Representation — Raymond Mazurek
The Claim of the Dispossessed: Redefining the American Working Class through Literature — Polina Kroik
“‘Working Americans’ Are Rediscovered”: US Media and the Discovery of “Middle America,” 1968-1972 — Christopher Cimaglio