Remembering Lawrence C. Goodwyn: Reflections on How to Study and Organize Around Class, Race, and Power

The late Lawrence C. Goodwyn (1928-2013) remains a giant in labor and working-class studies nearly four decades after the publication of his landmark study of the Populist movement of the late nineteenth century U.S. Beyond transforming the historiography of American populism, Goodwyn’s book provided a blueprint for democratic community organizing. Among other contributions, it showed […]

Unwieldy Acronym, Ambitious Vision: UCAPAWA’s Farm to Factory Organizing in 1930s-1940s America

In 1937 a group of radical labor activists and workers formed the United Cannery, Agricultural, Packing, and Allied Workers of America (UCAPAWA-CIO). Their vision, influenced by the nascent industrial union and Popular Front movements of the 1930s, was unprecedented in breadth: they sought to organize the entire agricultural commodity industry, from the fields to the […]

Citizenship, Health, and the Bracero Program

This proposed panel brings together exciting new historical scholarship on contract labor migration from Mexico to the United States. Our goal is to contribute to the on-going revision and reassessment of the Bracero Program and its place in the histories of both Mexico and the U.S. The papers come together around two important and interrelated […]