Remembering the Farmworkers Movement Fifty Years Later

In 1965, the mostly-Filipino American led Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee (AWOC) struck grape fields in Delano, California. The action drew the attention of Cesar Chavez and the National Farm Worker Association (NFWA) that joined the uprising and initiated the modern farm workers movement. In the following years, NFWA and AWOC united under one banner, the […]

The Farmworkers’ Fight: Overcoming Barriers to Farmworker Organizing

Farmworkers frequently occupy the lowest rungs of the economic ladder. Marginalized by exploitative and racialized labor systems, isolated work sites, and the power of their employers, farmworkers nevertheless have struggled against the structures that contain their power. This roundtable explores the barriers that have frustrated farmworker organizing efforts as well as the strategies that have […]