Leisure and Working-Class Masculinity

It Takes Class to Tango: The Working Class Origins of the Tango — Fred Gardaphe
The Body of the Working Man: Walter Wyckoff and Working-Class Masculinity — Beau Driver
Poker, Masculinity, and Economic Inequality: How the Popularity of ‘America’s Favorite Card Game’ Discourages Systemic Change — Andrew Manno

Fiction and the Crafting of Alternative Class Imaginaries in the US

Our panel presents three accounts of the role of radical fiction-writing in critiquing and imagining alternatives to dominant master-narratives. In “One Worker’s Utopia is Another’s….” Jim Catano shows how 19th century Utopian visions such as Edward Bellamy’s “industrial armies” (Looking Backward) attempt to address the “sweat = bread” dictum by considering 1) kinds of work […]