Remembering the Farmworkers Movement Fifty Years Later

In 1965, the mostly-Filipino American led Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee (AWOC) struck grape fields in Delano, California. The action drew the attention of Cesar Chavez and the National Farm Worker Association (NFWA) that joined the uprising and initiated the modern farm workers movement. In the following years, NFWA and AWOC united under one banner, the […]

Editor Meets Readers Panel on “Class Lives – Stories from Across Our Economic Divides”

In December, Cornell University Press published “Class Lives,” an anthology of first-person stories along the class spectrum, from poverty to super-rich, and everywhere between. This unique book sheds light on many dimensions of the lived experience of class in the US today. Cornell and Class Action expect this book to become a staple of Working-Class Studies […]

The Role of the Left in 1930s Activism: The National Negro Congress and the Workers Alliance

During the 1930s, widespread militant agitation on behalf of the unemployed, even that which originated from the grassroots, soon became led by the three national Left party formations: the CP, the SP, and the Musteites who then allied with the Trotskyist CLA. In 1935-36, these groups joined together into the Workers Alliance, hoping that a […]

What Determines Class Consciousness

Removed from Class? Theorizing the Service Workplace as a Source of Class Consciousness — Peter Ikeler and Jillian Crocker
Prisms of Class: Symbolic Repertoires in Youngstown, Ohio and East London, England — Justin Gest
The Hidden Injuries in The Hidden Injuries of Class — Jeff Torlina

Remembering Lawrence C. Goodwyn: Reflections on How to Study and Organize Around Class, Race, and Power

The late Lawrence C. Goodwyn (1928-2013) remains a giant in labor and working-class studies nearly four decades after the publication of his landmark study of the Populist movement of the late nineteenth century U.S. Beyond transforming the historiography of American populism, Goodwyn’s book provided a blueprint for democratic community organizing. Among other contributions, it showed […]

Mid-Century Struggles

‘The Virtue of Selfishness’: The Conservative Challenge to Unions and Economic Equality in 1950s Milwaukee — Tula Connell
The Disadvantaged in the Age of Internal Migration, 1930-1975 — Elisa Minoff
Intersectionality and the Working-Class Fight against Inequality in the World War II Defense Industry — Stephen Patnode

The Emergence of the Precariat: Re-Shaping the Post-Industrial Landscape

Reshaping the Working Class: Bethlehem Steelworkers in Precarious Postindustrial Work — Jill Schennum
Endlessly Locked Out: Precarity & Resilience among Industrial Workers in America’s Heartland — Jackie Gabriel
Measuring the New Precarity: Emergent Insecurity in Southern Indiana — Joseph Varga