DC Labor History Tour

From the Joe Hill’s ashes to the A. Philip Randolph Memorial, worker’s history is around just about every corner in our nation’s capitol, if you know where to look. This two-hour bus tour reveals labor’s often-untold story of protest and resistance and will visit some sites of special interest to labor historians, including the gravesite […]

Archives 101 Workshop for Labor Historians and Activists

Increasingly, labor historians and activists are gathering and creating their own materials for research instead of relying only on libraries and archives. Two labor archivists will provide tips on how to care for both physical and digital materials. We will cover fundamental issues such as provenance (origins of the material); legal transfer of material to […]

Laboring Big Data: A Workshop on Digital Methods for Labor and Working Class History

Over the last two decades, digital technologies have transformed the way we research, teach, write, and preserve history. Although labor and social historians were early leaders in the use of the web to present historical sources and interpretations, they have been less visible in the recent turn to “digital humanities.” Organized around case studies, this […]

Campus Organizing for Just Employment Policies

Students, workers, faculty, and administrators can play a key role in making sure our campus work environment reflects our shared values of dignity, respect, and justice. Organizing for a just employment policy can help ensure that our universities live up to the values that make them great institutions. In particular, a just employment policy addresses the […]

Film: Palikari, Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre

“Palikari – Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre” deals with labor relations in early 20th century America, as told through the story of Greek migrant and trade union activist Louis Tikas. The title “Palikari” is the Greek word for “heroic lad” and traces the tale of a “palikari” immigrant and activist. The Ludlow Massacre and […]

Film: Voices of the Lumbee

Voices of the Lumbee is a feature-length documentary film that tells the story of modern-day Robeson County, North Carolina, and the Lumbee Tribe’s place within it. Utilizing students in English, public relations, journalism, and broadcasting programs at UNCP, the production became a cross-disciplinary exercise spanning nearly three years. Embracing the philosophy of service-learning, students partnered […]

Reframing the Cause: Communication Strategies for a New Labor Movement

With union membership in the US hovering at 11 percent, its lowest point in nearly a century, few Americans have direct experience with the labor movement. Instead, their understanding of unions’ role in public life is limited primarily to news media stories and the aggressively anti-union cultural narratives that took hold in the 1980s. Yet […]